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Parks in Trani

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Villa Comunale

Villa Comunale - Trani

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The communal villa of Trani is one of the loveliest gardens on the sea in Europe which extends up on the terraces of the ancient walls by the seashore, and planted with oaks, maritime pines and palms is adorned with flowerbeds, fountains and paths. From here can be admired the harbor bay overlooked by the city and it’s easy to distinguish the profile of the Cathedral. It was built in 1823 after the donation of land by the Antonacci family. In it is set the Monument to the Fallen -a belligerent cannon- bearing witness of the last war events suffered by the City and also a collection of six milestones taken from the tract Ruvo-Canosa of the ancient via Traiana.

The villa hosts an aquarium recently restored, a small wood and a balcony overlooking the sea from wich can be seen in its entirety the seafront of Trani extending to the peninsula of Colonna.

  • Address Piazza Plebiscito - Trani
Results found: 1