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Churches in Terlizzi

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Santaurio Madonna di Sovereto

Santaurio Madonna di Sovereto - Terlizzi

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The shrine of Our Lady of Sovereto, about 4 km far from Terlizzi, dates back to the mid-twelfth century. It is located in a small cavern  –Sovero cave– where according to legend, was found the image of the Virgin and Child then calldes Our Lady of Sovereto patron of the city.

Besides  the church were later built the hospital to assist the pilgrims and the religious communities of Gerosolomitani Friars and St Marc nuns. The presence of these two orders has made the site known as duplex monasterium. Even today especially when it is surrounded by the silence, the place inspires religious feelings of deep intimacy. The apsis of the original church is still intact while inside the atrium between the shrine and the adjacent buildings can be seen epigraphic evidence and elegant windows.

  • Address Sovereto - Terlizzi
Results found: 1