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Churches in Sannicandro di Bari

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Sannicandro di Bari

Chiesa della Madonna di Torre

Chiesa della Madonna di Torre - Sannicandro di Bari

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Two kilometres far from the urban centre of Sannicandro di Bari, the Church of Madonna di Torre is the only vestige of “Sizzaro”, the ancient town destroyed by Hungarian people in 1348. The Church was later rebuilt by believers at the end of the sixteenth century and restored several times during the nineteenth century.

On the front of the ancient door, it is possible to admire an effigy of the Madonna under a pointed arch, surrounded by an ancient inscription. Inside the Church there are two altars devoted respectively to Our Lady of the Tower and the Eternal Father. The devotion to Our Lady of the Tower has always been very felt by the inhabitants of Sannicandro. Of particular interest are the many votive stone niches depicting the stations of the Cross along the rural road that connects the town to the Church. The municipal administration made them built in 1950, in order to recover the medieval concept of local pilgrimage, in group and entirely on foot. The niches represent a few scenes of the Old and New Testament and culminate with the three crosses, symbolizing the Calvary, just near the church. This devotion is still handed down, especially during the Feast of Easter Monday, during which inhabitants of Sannicandro walk from the town to the church in a triumph of flowers and folklore, following the wagon that carries in procession the Sacred Image of the Madonna accompanied by children.  

  • Address Prolungamento Via Torre - Sannicandro di Bari

Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta

Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta - Sannicandro di Bari

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Built on a pre-existing ancient church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, from 1815 (year in which the construction began) the Mother Church has undergone lots of transformations and extensions.

Characterized by a neoclassical façade, it is a magnificent church with a nave and two aisles divided by pillars, decorated with Ionic capitals. The nave has three spans. The second one is covered by a dome, with starry sky painted and adorned with a lantern. The dome was completed in 1836, as testified by the inscription on the edge of the chapel. The vaults of the aisles are barrel-shaped. On the vaults it is possible to admire the paintings of the Twelve Apostles. All the frescoes of the church and the painting of the Last Supper, located in the sacristy, were performed by Nicola Colonna in 1919, but the painting of the Virgin and Child attributed to Berardino Siciliani, and the paintings of the SS. Medici and S. Nicholas by Gaetano Valerio in 1950.

Results found: 2