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Parks in Castellana Grotte

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Castellana Grotte

Parco dei Dinosauri

Parco dei Dinosauri - Castellana Grotte

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The Dinosaur Park in Castellana Grotte gives you the chance to admire a beautiful open-air museum with life-size animals, reproduced faithfully from fossils found by paleontologists around the globe from 1820.

The park sums up the extraordinary history of life on our planet:
"Paleozoic Era", primordial fishes, with their extraordinary adaptability that led them to survive on land, turning first into amphibians and then into reptiles, such as the "Dimetrodonte".
"Mesozoic Era", dominated by big dinosaurs, great rulers of planet for about 160 million years: by Celeofisis (one of the first Teropodi to evolve) and Velociraptor ( perhaps the last species of dinosaurs turned into special animals that now populate our planet, or rather "birds").
"Cenozoic Era", dominated by mammals. Inside the park they are represented from the American Mastodon and some species of hominids "Abilis, Erectus, Neanderthal."

Results found: 1