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Historical Buildings in Bari

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Banca d'Italia

Banca d'Italia - Bari

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It is located between Chamber of Commerce building and Petruzzelli Theather. It was built in 1926, thanks to a project of Accolti Gil, the building was inaugurated in 1932. It has about three thousand squared metres and it is divided into four levels and a basement.

There is a nice hall with “Art Nouveau style” glass walls, a marble staircase and several Carrara marble bas-reliefs. There is also a bronze bust of Vittorio Emenuele III made by Vittorio Saltelli, a follower of Cambelotti.

  • Address Corso Cavour, 4 - Bari

Camera di Commercio

Camera di Commercio - Bari

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Chamber of Commerce of Bari was founded on 27 May 1849, under the reign of Ferdinando II,  it was called “Camera Consultiva di Commercio”.

In 1862, one year after Italian Unification,  the building was called  “Camera di Commercio ed Arti” Later, in 1910 was called “Camera di Commercio e Industria”, and after fascism and World War II “Camera di Commercio Industria e Agricoltura”. The currently name is “Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura” .  Nowadays the Chamber of Commerce has 160 thousand companies, the fifth biggest Chamber in Italy after Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin. 

  • Address Corso Cavour, 2 - Bari

Palazzo Anelli

This villa stands out above all for its impressive fence and for its gate which has concrete pillars topped with heads of goat, symbol of the devil who keeps the house from malicious; the other pillars placed along the fence have capitals decorated with floral pattern with leaves and roses.

  • Address Corso Alcide De Gasperi, 354 - Bari

Palazzo Atti

Palazzo Atti - Bari

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This is a rather monumental building built in 1915/16 by the engineer Patruno. The prospectus is characterized by the elegance of the front door framed by two columns that rest on high pedestals; the composite capitals supporting an entablature which is also based on three small shelves, on which sets the central balcony of the first level that follows a slight curve to the sides and ends with two statues in sitting position which is not present in the initial project.

  • Address Corso Cavour, 24 - Bari

Palazzo Barone Ferrara

Palazzo Barone Ferrara - Bari

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It was built in January 1843 by its owner Onofrio Ferrara Baron. The design architect of Bitonto Luigi Castellucci wanted to show an important moment of the city with a great urban, social and economic development. Nowadays is the seat of Apulia Bank.

  • Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 102/a - Bari

Palazzo Chimienti

Palazzo Chimienti - Bari

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The eclectic style building has three floors plus the ground floor and mezzanine level characterized by liberty style beautiful decorations that make the doorways and windows unique. The construction dates back to 1921.

  • Address Via Marchese di Montrone, 98 - Bari

Palazzo Clemente

Built in 1912 by designer engineer Santalucia features decorative horizontal bands that run along the openings of the balconies, interspersed with female heads on the first floor and grotesque masks on the second level.

  • Address Piazza Umberto I, 21 - Bari

Palazzo Colonna

Palazzo Colonna - Bari

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It is currently occupied by nuns. On the entry can be seen two beautiful lions and a large depressed arch, later restructured and closed by a glass wall that compromised the image.

  • Address Via Goffredo di Crollalanza - Bari

Palazzo Corso Vittorio Emanuele

The building is characterized by the decorations on front door where the wings are carved wreaths of flowers and two masks that ogle flaunting a grin


  • Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele 78 - Bari

Palazzo Danisi

It was built in 1915/1916 and has a ground floor and  three upper floors. During the recent restoration, the original balustrades of its balcons, once ornamented with floral decorations and susequently deteriorated due to time, were completely replaced with blind walls, which altered the original aspect of the building.

  • Address Via Tunisi, 7 - Bari
Results found: 40
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