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Churches in Andria

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Cattedrale - Andria

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Cathedral consacrated to Our Lady of Annunciation datad back to the Norman age.This was destroyed in 1350 and then rebuilt and restored in late/gothic style first (XV-XVI centuries) by the Duke Francis II Del Balzo and in Baroque later. Only in 1965 the Cathedral was restored back to its original style. The church has got a nave and two aisles; a transept divides them from a large presbytery. Sixteen tiles that picture the Saint’s life and miracles decorate the big Chapel of Saint Richard, patron of Andria. There are also an icon of the Virgin Mary in Bizantine style and rich marble framed, four altar angels sculptured by the artist Jacopo Colombo and a XVIII century wooden Crucified.

The ancient paleochristian, two  aisles and cross vault church (VI-VII centuries) is consecrated to the Holiest Saviour.  Another rather interesting characteristic of the Cathedral is the bell tower in late gothic style, rebuilt on a pre-existent Longobard tower.

  • Address Piazza Duomo, 25 - Andria
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    • 0883/569693

Chiesa San Francesco

Chiesa San Francesco - Andria

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The façade is decorated with a splendid gothic portal surmounted by a triangular tympanum and a decoration of tiles and rosettes and a second entrance with a baldachin on the right side. The bell tower is the tallest of Andria, divided into four sections and decorated in Baroque style.

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  • Address Via Mura San Francesco, 14 - Andria
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    • 0883/591552

Chiesa San Nicola

Chiesa San Nicola - Andria

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The church of San Nicola Trimodiense, nestled in the picturesque scenery of the ancient village, is one of the oldest churches, dating back to 1104. A first extension of the church dates back to 1349 made by Bertrand of the Dodge, husband of Beatrice D'Anjou.
The façade of the church is in neo-classical style with three portals of which the central is of greater proportions. Currently the church has a single nave with side chapels adorned with paintings attributed in part to Vito Calo, Molfetta painter, pupil of Giaquinto. The main altar is Baroque, is the work of Antonio Corradini. Inside the church there is the silver bust of St. Nicola of 1910

  • Address Via Ruggiero Bonghi - Andria
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    • 0883/597857

Chiesa Sant'Agostino

Chiesa Sant'Agostino - Andria

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The church of St. Augustine, sumptuous example of medieval art, is one of the most mysterious monuments of the city. It was built by Hermann von Salza, Grand Master of the Order and friend of Frederick II. Originally the church was devoted to St. Leonard, patron of the Teutonic Knights, but then in 1358 the Duke Francesco I del Balzo gave the complex to the Augustinian friars who restored it and renamed it Church of St. Augustine. The late Gothic portal with pointed arches carved and totally full of Teutonic symbols. Inside you can find some frescoes of St. Augustine.
On the back side, space currently dedicated to a local market, you can see a cloister with a large colonnade which was probably part of an old convent behind the church and belonged to the Templars themselves.

Santuario Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Santuario Santa Maria dei Miracoli - Andria

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The Sanctuary, built in the XVII Century and elevated into a Basilica, was erected on the site of the Former Basilian Laura dedicated to St. Margaret and is divided into three levels


Santuario Santa Maria dell'Altomare

Santuario Santa Maria dell'Altomare - Andria

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The Sanctuary is characteristic for its nave below the road level reachable through a large flight of stairs. It is the ancient cave of Saint Sophia, actually, full of medieval frescos with the large dome shaped tabernacle of XIX century

  • Address Largo Seminario - Andria
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