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Monuments in Bitonto

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Torre Angioina

Torre Angioina - Bitonto

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It is the ancient element of the city wall and it flanks Porta Baresana.
Because of the whole excavation, that is next to the end, it has been possible to rediscover the ancient moat linked to the surrounding square through a drawbridge.
The Tower, that has been restored inside, is going to lodge the Contemporary Art Gallery directed by the expert Matteo Masiello.
The tower, called Angevin Male too, is one of the last evidence of the town defensive way. It is part of a fortified town with 28 towers and 5 town gates, but only two of these are accessible.
The building of the tower, realized by the Angevin family to defend Porta Baresana, started at the end of the XIV century. This tower is wider than the other towers of the city walls and for this reason it was called “ Castle”.
During the centuries Porta Baresana Tower has been the residence of a lord of the manor, seat of the militia and it was the stronghold of the town defensive way. It was a jail too.
The Tower has a circular base (16 meters of diameter and 24 meters of height) just like the Angevin French and Neapolitan buildings.

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Results found: 1